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You Will returnmistake

stationpaper visit 20120114-023856.jpg medicinesure Have faith it will come
You haven’t learned it just yet…
And in time, you will!

The Practice Pays Off


soupbranch 20120114-081903.jpg

We Bloom

everheart monthstudent 20120114-081942.jpg

similarclose First depth and then span
We bloom distinctly each year
Experiencing growth

Gather Again


savemarket see 20120115-032504.jpg climbcall Inspiration: Fire, Fotos, Footage & Fun

mentioncentury view The pictures fly by

preventfresh Images adorn my wall

sometimesjump check Let’s gather again!

What if…?

letround view

choosefeel 20120114-162115.jpg

libraryflower here We wonder inside
What if this is all I’ve got?
That question – a distraction




Flow Transcends


Practicing Again


Practicing again
No goal – I just want to play
So much joy in that

Tree Trunk Syndrome


No tree trunk syndrome
The feet move – often with ease
I am a dancer!



Inspiration: dancing in a fire circle

Whirling round and round

Something happens when we dance

Inside the circle

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